Selma Redevelopment Authority

Job Description for the Community Advocate/Program Director

Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Planning:
    1. Lead a community planning process and produce from the results, a comprehensive master redevelopment plan for the SRA (consultants may be necessary).
    2. Collaborate with Board to draft the Mission, Goals & Objectives for a short-and long-term Strategic plan.
    3. Develop a Financial plan for the operations of the SRA.
  2. Implementation:
    1. Implement and be responsible for the achievement of the objectives from the planning documents described above.
    2. Manage, direct and operate the day-to-day function of the SRA.
    3. Seek out, identify and solicit the involvement of the Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Authority, Educational institutions, Nonprofits, Governmental Agencies (Local, State and Federal), and other public or private entities that may have a stake in the support of the downtown area and redevelopment.
    4. Plan, coordinate, and implement financial support programs for area businesses and redevelopment.
  3. Promotion:
    1. Encourage and promote the improvement and revitalization of the downtown area and local businesses.
    2. Develop and maintain excellent relationships with all relevant public governmental officials who could have a positive influence in redevelopment in downtown Selma, including (but not limited to) the mayor, city council members, county officials, members of the local state delegation, state officials, and federal officials.
    3. Seek out and identify projects and economic development opportunities for the SRA consistent with its mission to promote local businesses and downtown redevelopment.
    4. Travel as required by the SRA to promote the goals of the SRA.
  4. Fundraising:
    1. Seek out, identify and solicit public and private sources of funding for the SRA, its activities, and other activities and organizations aligned with the comprehensive master plan.
    2. Write grant applications (as needed) for specific SRA initiatives.
  5. Suggested Qualifications:
    1. Bachelor’s degree from and accredited college or university required, with a strong preference for coursework in urban planning, public policy, business/economics, or communications.
    2. Three-Five years’ experience in community planning, economic or community development. 
    3. Strong leadership and management skills.
    4. Excellent oral and written presentational skills required.
    5. Fundraising skills required.
    6. Grant writing skills preferred.
    7. Problem-solving, goal setting and a strong work ethic required.
  6. Compensation:
    1. Base salary
      1. The range should be between $35,000.00 to $38,000.00 per year, paid bi-weekly. Salary should be skill based.
      2. At the end of each calendar year, a performance evaluation will be conducted by the Board of the candidate.
    2. Incentive Pay
      1. Starting in the 2nd year, the candidate may be eligible for incentive pay based on available funds.
      2. Incentive pay will be based on completion of specific personal goals, developed by the candidate and approved by the Board at the beginning of each year.
      3. As the SRA will be funded through grants and donations, incentive pay will be partially based on the candidate’s success in generating income for the SRA.
    3. Travel
      1. The candidate will be reimbursed for use of personal car for business when making out of town trips.  This will be for mileage at rates set by the IRS.
      2. Cost of travel in general, when specifically, for the purposes of executing SRA business, will be reimbursed.  Expense reports will be prepared and submitted to the Board for approval.
  7. Benefits
    1. Vacation: 2-3 weeks paid, based on the candidate’s experience.
    2. Retirement:  N/A
    3. Health Insurance:  N/A